Revision Skincare C+ Correcting Complex 30%® 1 fl oz


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Revision Skincare C+ Correcting Complex 30%® 1 fl oz: Illuminate, Refine, and Defend

Unveil a luminous glow, achieve a more even skin tone, and embrace a youthful radiance with C+ Correcting Complex 30%®. This advanced formula is enriched with our revolutionary MelaPATH® technology, a patent-pending innovation that illuminates, refines, and rejuvenates the skin. Designed to combat the skin-damaging effects of free radicals generated by pollution and High Energy Visible light (HEV or blue light), this corrective complex is your ally for radiant and protected skin.

Key Features:

  • Vitamin Support: Supports the skin's natural production of Vitamins C and E, essential for overall skin health and vitality.

  • Next-Generation Vitamin C: Delivers the cutting-edge benefits of the next generation of Vitamin C, correcting existing damage and fortifying your skin against future challenges.

  • Microbiome Support: Nurtures the skin's microbiome using prebiotic technology, fostering a healthy and balanced complexion.

  • Non-Comedogenic: Formulated to be non-comedogenic, ensuring it won't clog pores and is suitable for all skin types.

In a convenient 1 FL OZ | 30 mL pump dispenser, C+ Correcting Complex 30%® is the ideal skincare companion for individuals with dry, oily, or combination skin types. Illuminate your skin's potential and defend against the elements with this innovative corrective complex.