Revision Skincare D·E·J Eye Cream® 0.5 fl oz

Eye Treatments

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Revision Skincare D·E·J Eye Cream® 0.5 fl oz

Unlock a new realm of skincare with D·E·J Eye Cream®, uniquely formulated and clinically-proven to transcend the ordinary. What sets it apart?

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Eye Care: Uniquely formulated to not only address the total eye area but specifically target eyelid hooding and droopiness, providing comprehensive eye care.

  2. Dermal-Epidermal Junction Focus: Crafted with the skin’s Dermal-Epidermal Junction (DEJ) in mind, recognizing its pivotal role in skin aging. The formula boasts DEJ-targeting ingredients for enhanced efficacy.

  3. Visible Signs of Aging Reduction: Clinically-proven to visibly reduce signs of aging around the entire eye area, including eyelid drooping, under-eye crepiness, fine lines in the crow’s feet area, and improvements in elasticity.

  4. Microbiome Balance: Features Prebiotic and Postbiotic Innovation, promoting a balanced Microbiome to enhance skin health around the eyes.

  5. Pre and Post-Procedure Support: Ideal for pre-procedure use, promoting healthy skin and optimizing results, as well as post-procedure to help maintain the achieved enhancements.

In a compact NET WT 0.5 FL OZ | 14g packaging, D·E·J Eye Cream® stands as a testament to innovation, offering a transformative experience for your eye care routine. Elevate your skincare journey with a product designed to defy expectations and deliver unparalleled results.